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Originally Posted by npcars View Post
while we're somewhat on this topic, i wanted to know, how many speakers does the individual sound system have, and how many does the hi-fi have? is hi-fi = Logic 7??? is it just the number of speakers that differs both systems or is it more technical than that?
You can find Logic 7 specs under 335 specs. It is standard in the 335 coupe and sedan. I had it in my 330i 06 model year. It was 13 speakers as I remember, including 2 subwoofers under the front seats. Clarity was exceptional and the base response would bounce you out of the car if you wanted. Like you, I am still waiting for confirmation in the USA market if Logic 7 is standard or is considered the "individual audio" option. If you want to see what the standard audio system "might" be in the M3 refer to the 328 USA model standard system.

"Is there away to see actual dvd or ist just for nav, I read somewhere you could hack it and watch movies but it was maybe just bs."

I have read "somewhere" that BMW actually enables the iDrive screen to play DVD's from the factory for some markets. Of course it is illegal in the USA and you have said, there is probably a hack for it somehwere.
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