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Originally Posted by Donbona View Post
Ok... im not sure wether its the DCT box or throttle actuators.... but here goes....

When I am accellerating my car is fine but when I am slowing down to approach lets say a bend, I blip down to 2nd gear or 3rd.... take the bend than put my foot on the gas and get absolutely nothing... when connecting the computer to the car it showed that the throttles actuators are not opening at this point....... but they open fine when you are going up gears.
Does that make sense??
does your engine seem to almost die but recover when coming to a stop? I had a similar problem in my previous M3 .. where sometimes when slowing down from a moderate speed to a standstill caused my engine to almost die and then recover .. happened occasionally. It was eventually diagnosed as a faulty idle valve and was repaired under warranty.