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ESS VT2 600: 570 RWHP STD with MRF X-PIPE, AKRA, 95 OCT

What's up guys. I've been busy getting the car dialed in for Shift-S3ctor. Went back to EAS yesterday with approx 95 octane to see what it would do.

Also, Malek @ MRF helped me dial in my settings (throttle sensitivity, EDC, etc) to provide maximum grip from a 2nd gear roll-on start. Initially, the car would just spin at WOT...but now I'm getting max grip with relatively no tire spin. This should provide a bit of an initial advantage against higher-powered cars susceptible to some wheel spin.

I have included my dyno runs in both STD, SAE and uncorrected for each stage: RunFile 4) 100% stock on 91 octane; RunFile 7) VT2 600 on 91 octane; RunFile 11) VT2 600 + MRF x-pipe + Akra slip on 91 octane; and Runfile 17) VT2 600 + MRF x-pipe + Akra slip on 95 octane.

Interesting to see that the MRF catlezz x-pipe provides for significant torque increases all throughout the power band. This addition made the car "feel" much faster. The higher octane provides for little advantage until after 6,000 it doesn't "feel" that much faster, but the advantage at the top end of the powerband is significant so I'm sure it is faster.

Overall the car feels great and I'm excited to see what it can do two weeks from today against some badddass cars.


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