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Originally Posted by Freakazoid View Post
I've gotta ask btw.... you're 23, have an e30, e90, and apparently several rental properties on the coast... who are your parents and what do they do? lol kidding kidding (dammit no 'pot stirring' smiley that I can find)
Sorry I've been traveling. Family was/ is in property development, mainly residential. We have a nice thing going, Dad's dad owns a construction company and is an architect, mom's dad is in Insurance/ investor, mom's mom is a interior designer/ landscape designer, uncle owns a building materials wholesale business, dad is in Insurance/ investor, other uncle is an Attorney mainly deals in real estate law, mom is a licensed real estate agent and a CPA. I am in law school. We are basically a huge family operation, but obviously with the housing market in the shitter as well as the stock market's past history we haven't been rolling in cash like 10 years ago. My dad's mom was the original owner of the E30, but she doesn't drive so I bought it for $1.

BTW I am not mad at BP, I want there to be a full 3rd party investigation as to why this happened, and who's fault it is. Built and operated by Americans...