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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
I am on my 6th set of NT01s. When they become slick, they are about half worn. It is at that point that they start to grip better. I actually kept running a set that had started to cord on the edges and they were still running fine. I have been able to get between 6 to 12 days out of my various sets, depending on the tracks I ran.
This gives me some hope... On my RS-3, when they became slick, they corded soon after.

Originally Posted by biggynuts01 View Post
Do you mean bump 8f/4r rebound 12f/12r? That would be pretty good for street. No understeer? I'm on default bump 6f/6r and rebound 6f/9r but I'm looking for suggestions to fine tune it.
Originally Posted by thorny View Post
+1. Bump and compression is the same thing. But it is clear that OP won't be running full soft compression on the track

I run standard settings too on track, sometimes making rebound softer on the rear axle. Interesting that OP is happy with the front being so soft on both compression and rebound.

Cool video!
My bad. I meant bump 8f/4r rebound 12f/12r. I ran with KW recommended setting for 1 week-end and found that the car would understeer in slow to mid speed corner entry. I used the day of the video to setup the suspension following Koni tuning guide available here

I found that increasing bump in the front makes the car understeer quickly where I could go quite a bit more stiff in the rear. Rebound setting was not as clear to me. I might try a bit stiffer rebound next time but as is (12F/12R), I was happy that day.

I think most people with KW CS run the recommended bump setting of 6F/6R but for my car, I can say for sure that 8F/4R worked a lot better and got rid of the understeer at slow to mid speed corner that day.

Originally Posted by rhouck View Post
And nice driving! I hope you are not still actually in the point-by group though... your car control and experience is plenty good for open passing! I was half-expecting you to pass the lot of them on the inside at Riverside
Finally graduated from point-by group and quite comfortable in open passing group now. Still, I don't trust the other drivers too much so only taking passes when I know 100% it is safe.

Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
Been left-foot braking for longer than I can remember on the street. So, of course I was left-foot braking when I started tracking (current DCT M3 is the first & only car I tracked), but found out pretty quickly that, without being strapped in tight, you are almost hovering if you don't brace yourself with left leg. So, switched to right-foot braking on the track. Then, found out about the belt-tensioning/cam-locking trick, and promptly went back to left-foot braking.
I started right-foot braking but wanted to try left-foot braking just to learn it. Same as you, I found that it is harder without being strapped in tight. At first, it was bothering me but now I'm used to it. I'm only using a CG lock and that's enough. I still slide a bit but it is manageable, just have to reposition myself in the straight once in a while.