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The 9/11 conspiracy is crazy. Do you know the amount of coordination you need to pull off a conspiracy like that without anything going wrong and nobody from the US mainland being suspicious. I mean just think about it, the law of probability is against you, something always goes wrong specially for a conspiracy as huge as 9/11.

To actually high jack huge ass Boeing planes with hundreds of people inside, place bombs in the most popular building on a city that doesn't sleep and nobody noticing, launching missiles to the pentagon and to Pull it off all at once in front of millions of people watching. I can't even imagine the odds of pulling of something like this and nothing going wrong.

As far as Assange goes sure the rape did happen after the leak, but it doesn't make him innocent. Plus they make it sound like Sweden is a huge ally of the US. That and why does he want to go to Equador isn't that in South America near Columbia do you know how many US special ops currently in columbia and us forces currently in Nicaragua they could easily assasinate or kidnap him from there. He is better of in Sweden in front of the media the US would not do anything to him over there.

Also I believe he asked Barack to stop the witch hunt. Should have thought about that before he put all those lives at risk.