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Originally Posted by Ryboy98 View Post
Had a weird request for video of no CEL... Anyway, if it will help anyone with their decision to go with the kit, I'm more than happy to oblige. If anyone has an itch, go ahead and scratch! It's the holiday season! What better gift to get than an extra 200+ ponies!

Also, talledega, I've had no issues at all other than I've been beating myself up over what to do about traction. I know I'm going to get some R888s I just don't know if I'm going to get 295/30/19 for the stock wheels and run a little fat. Or get some 18's and run 315/30/18s, of course my daily use will be my DPEs with 305s but IDK what the heck I want to do about traction for track or VBOX pulls.

Anyway here's the video... no cell... just a brake light bulb and low fuel. haha
Can't see the vid.....
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