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The M3 and GT-R are no less competitors than the M3 and 911 are. There are many factors that set the two apart, just like there are vs. the Porsche. But they are both high performance 4 seat coupes that appeal to enthusiasts. The GT-R makes concessions in some areas, while the M3 does in other areas. For some people, this makes the BMW the better car while for others the GT-R is better. If, suppose, we were to redesign the cars such that the BMW conceded in the areas of the GT-R while the GT-R conceded in the areas of the M3, I doubt many people would suddenly switch camps. That is to say that, I'll bet for most people, the connection to their car is more emotional than logical, and they choose the car based on how they feel, and then make it fit with their lifestyle, rather than the other way around.