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Both M3 and GTR are spectacular cars. But this is not an apples to apples comparison. The only thing that might be comparable is price. But this is just list price. The M3 gets free maintenance for 4 yrs/50K miles. The GTR does not, plus it looks like maintenance will be a very expensive proposition. We'll have to wait and see how GTR owners fare.

The GTR is a very high performance car and it's fun to drive. The M3 is a high performance car that is also fun to drive. It does not perform as well as the GTR but it is still pretty darn fast. The fun factor may be higher with the M3 though that may be arguable. Plus, the M3 is more practical, luxurious, and comfortable. These aspects are there not by accident but because that's what BMW wanted. In comparison, the GTR is not as practical, luxurious or comfortable. But that is not its failing because I'm sure Nissan did not put the same importance on those aspects as BMW did. It is still comfortable enough for a car of that performance. These cars were designed for two different buyers in mind. So, this is not really an apples to apples comparison.

If you want all out performance get the GTR. Or maybe even better, get something cheaper and mod it. If you want something more all-around then you might consider something else, like the M3. You won't be losing much in performance (though I'm sure many of you will argue about "much") and will get other things in return.

I could go on comparing and contrasting the two, but the point is that the GTR and M3 really do not compete. Maybe the GTR will put a little pressure on BMW M to increase performance, but I doubt it. I think rather the pressure is on Porsche.

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