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Originally Posted by impulsoren View Post
Mitsubishi got theirs right first time out of the box here in the US......
Why couldn't BMW?

And the one problem that kept me out of an M3 right away....lack of torque. As much as you guys argue about how great the high revs are, and then argue about how good a daily driver it is, the M3 just doesn't provide the low-end a daily driver needs. And that goes along with fuel mileage. Make better low-end, you won't have to rev the crap out of it, and will get better gas mileage.

Or put turbos on it. Holding out for the ideal of "high RPM NA performance" is like when F1 banned turbos back in the 1900s when Honda kept beating everyone silly with fuel efficient turbo'd motors. A bunch of old fogeys making rules to justify their stolid position instead of going with technology.
lack of torque....yeah 295 lb's of it just doesnt quite cut it huh...
ive never even complained with a 99 e46 328i