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Originally Posted by footie View Post

The list goes on, all of the Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc are perfectly acceptable as daily drives and all ride with a complacency that contradicts their abilities.-on what planet do people daily drive their GT3s, Ferraris, Lamborghinis??? Usually, these cars have ridiculously low miles and are horrendously expensive to maintain. Add the GTR to the "ridiculous to maintain" list too - brake job is $6K and mandatory tranny service after track day is $1000. The cars you'velisted above are "toys", just like the ACR, accept they've yet to break under 7:25. They are slower cars at the Ring...and that is what the ACR is...a track car. Let's not bring the "daily driver" arguement into I said in my prior post, a couple hundred thousand dollars separates your listed vehicles above to the Viper.

Now look at the Viper in question, yes it's F'ing quick and yes it can handle but it's not something which could or would be used daily - again, that's not it's purpose..., the ride based on what we know-just what do we know? It has an adjustable soft does it go??...enough for you??? We don't know, now do we...? and have seen in that video is not the sort of thing that would be classed as acceptable on anything other have a smooth race track, the quality plays a poor second to the function of making it quick - have you ever seen a Viper in real life? Ever driven one??? The quality is quite good and they are very robust cars, very overbuilt. There are quite a few running twin turbos with 1000whp without that good enough quality for you???, in fact I would go as far as to say no consideration was given to how it drive- is that really what you think? You think the engineers/builders didn't care how it drives??? IT DRIVES GOOD ENOUGH TO DO A 7:22 ON THE RING!!!! THATS PRETTY GOOD!!!!, apart from making the experience as raw as possible.

This my friends is a bonafied race car for the road- I think you may have just figured it out..., the nearest thing to it is a F430 Scud and even it would feel like a Bentley by comparison-perhaps...or one could buy two Bentley's and an ACR for the price of te F430Scud....

So you see my problem with classing this as a victory for Dodge over all the other true production cars- are you calling the F430Scud a "true production car"????...or a CarerraGT???Enzo????, you can't.... The thing needs to be classed in the modified class and as such wouldn't even be in the running.
The ACR is a street-legal track car, just like the GT3RS, F430Scud, ExigeS, and many other cars that don't have their focus on pampering their drivers with leathered luxury and a/c in the seats. It is a focused, uncompromising, prurpose-built car that just blew the doors off the best of the best. Thankfully, for us all, the manufacturers will not take this beating lightly and will improve their cars in response. Until then, an American car stands at the top!!!!

Don't hate...and give credit when it's due.

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