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I have commented on the other thread but feel I should give an opinion of this here as well.

The Viper ACR may hold this title but compared to the cars before it, it is not in the spirit of the thing. The GTR is a car which is both comfortable, has a quality feel and can be used daily with little of no compromises what so ever, the same is true for the ZR1, a car that's suspension is actually softer than the car it's based on (the Z06), again it is something which could be used daily with little or no compromise.

The list goes on, all of the Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc are perfectly acceptable as daily drives and all ride with a complacency that contradicts their abilities.

Now look at the Viper in question, yes it's F'ing quick and yes it can handle but it's not something which could or would be used daily, the ride based on what we know and have seen in that video is not the sort of thing that would be classed as acceptable on anything other have a smooth race track, the quality plays a poor second to the function of making it quick, in fact I would go as far as to say no consideration was given to how it drive, apart from making the experience as raw as possible.

This my friends is a bonafied race car for the road, the nearest thing to it is a F430 Scud and even it would feel like a Bentley by comparison.

So you see my problem with classing this as a victory for Dodge over all the other true production cars. The thing needs to be classed in the modified class and as such wouldn't even be in the running.