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Originally Posted by bvernon View Post
you can get a Mini at cost or close to cost. Just like buying an M3, the more time you put into it the lower your price will be. The dealers will tell you that they won't give you a big discount but I suggest you go to or similar site, build the car and then press the "send to dealers for quote" button. Soon you'll get calls from about 4 dealers and they'll know you're shopping around. Agree to a $ figure above cost and then buy it off the lot or order from Mini and custom build it. So many options with Mini's...very hard to find one in stock with what you want......
Great advice. MINI doesn't markup their cars like other manufacturers, at least this has been my experience, we are on our second MINI and we love everything about it. Just a word of advice, stay away from the auto transmission. They are junk IMHO. Good luck.