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Originally Posted by leigh View Post
say the motor had done 100,000miles would the cylinder holes be round still, dont they get bigger over time and how much boost will this motor be able to take?
We measure the cylinders to ensure proper specification before assembly. If any problem is found a new block will be sourced. Boring and rehoning a Alusil cylinder is a process which rarely ends up well in terms of cylinder seal quality. Sleeving can be done, however there are several drawbacks and potential issues with installing sleeves in an engine like this. The best solution in our opinion is to reuse the stock Alusil bore, retain the structural integrity of the block and run custom designed Mahle LC pistons designed for boost with OEM grade PWC and piston coating. It is an expensive solution, but the end result is an engine that runs like a stock motor with no durability compromises or excessive oil consumption/engine noise.