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Originally Posted by Roman@ESS View Post
Drew’s VT3 project build is the end result of our work over the past 2 years to design a low compression option for the S65 motor. This design will allow the S65 to run 10:1 CR which will allow the use of higher boost safely on pump fuel. A requirement in our design process was the ability to use the OEM Alusil cylinders in order to achieve OEM oil consumption levels, cylinder noise and engine longevity. The only way we feel to do this is to keep the stock displacement and use a custom made Mahle Alusil spec piston that will allow a factory seal by using the OEM BMW piston rings. This requires a motor that is in perfect working condition as we use the original block and cylinder machining. We do not sleeve or bore out the motor for this upgrade as this will compromise the Alusil cylinder seal quality. As an added precaution we also upgrade the rod and main bearings to add another level of safety to the design.

Outside of the motor we have designed a custom fuel delivery system that will allow proper fueling for the elevated levels of boost we will run and a custom belt drive system that retains the factory tensioner. The combination of these upgrades will allow the Vortech V3 supercharger to make 700+ HP on our existing VT2 hardware while retaining OEM quality drivability to the vehicle.

say the motor had done 100,000miles would the cylinder holes be round still, dont they get bigger over time and how much boost will this motor be able to take?