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I recommend you take your wifey to a couple events like a Cars & Coffee or a big gathering such as Bimmerfest. Why? It's a humbling experience for many people and helps one realize that the person in question is not the only obsessive person and that it may be quite normal.

I have been made fun of, called obsessive compulsive, called crazy, etc. over the years for my following habits with my cars, however, at the end of the day, it makes me happy and feel a bit of joy while I am doing it, and afterward. My home garage is like my sanctuary.

1)Remove wheels every 6-8 weeks to thoroughly clean and wax them. Clean wheel wells with various brushes and cleaners. Dress the liners and remove any sort of build on on rotor hubs so they remain the brilliant silver they are.

2)Wash car every week at the very least followed by my preferred quick detailer.

3)Leather is wiped every time its washed.

4)Wash my hands after I eat before I get in the car.

5)Tell the GF to not use excessive lotion on the back of her legs if she is wearing a skirt to not soil up my leather.

6)Swissvax detail brush through all the crevices to remove any sort of dust.

7)Vacuum with soft bristle brush through all leather crevices so nothing gets in there to potentially abrade it away.

My car is 15 months old, and it just hit 10,000 miles. Do I enjoy my car? Very much. I track it, I have my fun with it. I have a daily driver and getting in the M3 is that much more rewarding because of it. It has never been driven in the rain.

I love the looks from neighbors when the foam cannon comes out, and also their face when I am using a leaf blower.

Am I a little weird? Probably. Does it look awesome when its on the street driving? You can bet on it.