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Depends on your tastes

Now I only may be 16, but my dad said go out and find a car. What ever you want as long as its not exotic (unless I wanted a used Bentley but too much trouble out of warranty) and gave me $100,000 including insurance though so if I couldn't afford the insurance than I would have to sell the car so I had to be a little more cautious. After much deliberation, between mostly the C63, but considered GT500, Bentley Continental, and maybe getting a CLK63 black imported from the states, but I settled on the M3 and is getting delivery next week. It was a demo loaded discluding the individual package, and got them to take off $12K of list and this is a 2011 demo with only 2000km or about 1200 I suppose. This was the logical choice for me because I wanted something that can both deliver lots of power with out being over the top, enjoy a good drive through some twisties, and start to take it to track days to hopefully become an M3 life long fan.
Anyways, these are two completely different cars. I like the M3 because I like the idea of having a GERMAN engineered marvel where the engine is hand built in the same area as the Formula 1 cars, has the most technologically advanced engine in the world, and the idea of having that BMW build quality. I personally don't understand how tracking is really that important to you when you won't consider the DCT being the faster, and better transmission. I understand the loyalty to the 6spd manual, but if lap times are what your after than the DCT really is the better choice. Im also just curious as to why no one has mentioned getting a used E92 and putting a blower on it. I think G Power just came out with one and in combination with a couple other parts gets 620hp and then spend a little more on upgrading the suspension. Parts may be ridiculous for an M3, but is money really an object when you can afford one?
I hope to save some money and start upgrading with some Dinan upgrades as to not void the warranty, but (and im not stating a fact, just an opinion) the M3 is for someone that likes maybe going to the Symphony, out of a nice diner, and still can appreciate a good track day, where as when I see a mustang on the road I just think of someone that buys domestic only, likes having a beer with his buddies while watching Nascar. Im not saying if you own a Mustang you are that person or if you own an M3 your that person. I am probably bias because I live in a more rural community where the average guy would take an Camaro SS over a Bugatti Veyron just because its American made. You can all now discount my post because I'm 16 and don't know what I'm talking about, but still just my two cents.

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