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Originally Posted by rob612 View Post
i stopped reading after this stupid point... LOW TORQUE? uh huh..

you're comparing a 6 cyl turbo vs an 8 cyl naturally aspirated.. basicly you want us to say thank you and wake up M division? if i ever decided to go away from the M tradition of naturally aspirated and put in turbo.. a turbo charged M3 will kill the gtr. sorry buddy but you were never comparing apples to apples.. just the price tag.

nice try though..

he was actually trying to compare the viper engine to the m3, putting in perspective not only the torque but the gas mileage. if you add x and y to the m3 then it will own the gtr....please. The m3 loses out in every performance aspect no use arguing it really. Just keep arguing for the " feel " of the car, these intangible aspects of a car such as soul, tradition, and passion. I guess you'll never really be proven wrong.

but the m3 is so amazingly sexy. Id much rather have looks over a few extra seconds on the track.