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Originally Posted by nitramsen View Post
I just read on bimmerfile( that the display on the new I-drive is still the same 8.8".

The new 7 has a 10.2 1280*420 display according to info available
The 3’s display should then be 8.8” and with 1280*420 that would mean a pixel size of 0.15mm*0.22mm which would be a very high density for a display.

Now if the pixel dimension is not the same the screen layout must be different to(Unless they are running XP Embedded with WPF, Silverlight on CE or another scalable 3D system).And they talk more about the high detailed graphics then new resolution on the display.

Further in the document it almost like the HHD is only used for data and not the Operation system which means that it could be connected to the MOST bus.

Is the 3's new Idrive CIC even the same as in the 7?

Only time will tell but I think that we are in for another surprise….
Are they running XP embedded? Or a Linux variant?