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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
My god I was hoping this time would be different. I was hoping the USA would present a car to our Euopean friends that we could be proud of.

Nope. We have to wait another freaken 7 years in hopes we'll get it right then. Because we're certainly not getting it right now. It looks like it's trying too hard. Too many creases, edges and the letter V. Looks like the guys from Cadillac designed it, thinking they were designing the next Lamborghini. Thinking is the key word.

What do others think?
+1 The front facia is hideous with that busy looking lower grill and side LEDs.

The rear looks like they got inspired by a square block of wood..right angles everywhere you would probably slice your hand on the rear bumper line....just ugly.

Someone needs to invite GM designers to the concept of curvacious body design. Not this soap box look they seem to incorporate into all their cars.