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Originally Posted by leo95se View Post
Hey Lutfy
you know im using the pagids. i like them, but dont/cant drive nearly as hard as you. wore a set down at nj last weekend, but they lasted around 10 track weekends, so not terrible.
i dont think they give the same initial bite as the 01s.

ps - ill be at watkins, i hope in late sept. you in?
I am going to swap to 08s or even the Pagids and remove the darn backing plate behind the rotor. 10 as in TEN weekends? Brilliant!!!

When pushed, the stock brake system now does (slightly) inspire confidence for me. Going full tilt, the problem is pad turns to dust and at NJ, the pad material came off the backing plate (new set, day 2) and chunks of it disintegrated. Not cool.

I'll be at Glen with GVC

I have a set of 2 PF01 front sets which I may be selling now to replace with something that lasts longer.