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Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
Leasing a GTR will set you back $1300 a month. That really isn't available to the masses. Simple demand and supply. Just because it cost 95k, doesn't mean it's 'available to the masses'. That's a mortgage payment. If you have a GT-R you're

1.) An enthusiast
2.) Very well off.

P.S. Just because people with an M or 6 series can afford the GT-R, doesn't mean they will. The GT-R is a sports car. The M3 is a sporty cruiser and the 6 series is just a cruiser. Can't really compare them.
Do you consider yourself well off? IIRC, you just purchased a c63amg coupe, you are the 'people who didn't buy a GT-R' you chose not to buy it, the GT-R does not get chosen because it is too exlusive, rare, or difficult to attain. The GT-R is not chosen because most people are not willing to spend more than 40k on a Nissan sportscar.

Originally Posted by mattixxg View Post
Again, sales numbers are low in comparison to MANY cars. And again, its not a car you see like a civic. In fact check the average sales for any car out there and its pretty obvious the GTRs numbers are pretty low. That and economy and cost.

I'm taking about inventory, market availability. Two very different things, number sold vs. number available, there are too many GT-Rs available to be throwing the term exclusive or rare, maybe back in 2009 was the vehicle exlusive or rare, maybe in 2012, when only a few hundred are initially available, but right now, looking around the various sources, you can't say that a GT-R is exclusive or rare, and stop comparing it to a civic, I was comparing it to a GT2. There are rare civics, mugen type R, probably more rare and exclusive than a GT-R.