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Originally Posted by Garissimo View Post
I'm aware of the differences. The original 7:29 time is for a 2009 GT-R. Nissan updated the suspension and ECU for the 2010 car. This latest rumored 7:38 SportAuto time was obtained from a 2010 GT-R. I know you're trying to eliminate the variable of the VSpec tyres and wheels but you can't exactly do that given the other changes Nissan made to the 2010 car.
To be honest I really have better things to do with my life than following the changes from year to year for any car even my own. I was just pointing out that the original time which is just as disputed on here was done on original tyres. If the new time was done on optional rubber I agree it can be discounted unless you're using it as a decision whether to spend the money on the optional V-Spec stuff (are they really that expensive??? 25k??)

However, if the new time was in a 2010 spec car and that's what you get if you buy one then it is valid. Changes throughout model years are normal enough even if this one was done at the speed they make them on motorbikes. The fact that ECU changes etc don't matter if they are included in the 2010 model for everyone.

Shite. Gotta go. Bell coming to hook up the tv, internet and phone in the new house.

Bottom line. Using non std wheels/tyres is cheating. Using a 2010 model is not if it's the model everyone buys. I have no idea which is the case.

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