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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
No matter what Nissan said or will say it is most likely it would be in Japanese and then translated. I was quite sure I read an equivalent statement to "showroom stock" which is indeed my own wording. In a press release or on a web site Nissan stated (Mizuno, I think) that this car (the one that got a particular lap time) was the same as one purchased right from the showroom floor. For the life of me I can not find this statement nor a quote. Since the latest time was with the special wheels and tires the statement must have been in regards to one of the other recent lap times but not the latest 7:26 time.

Can anyone locate the relevant quote or web page?
Nissan Showroom stock must translate to new rubber, suspension tunes, exhaust and ECU tune. It's all good! Who cares if no one ever in the history of racing can replicate the time they got and if you tried your warranty would be voided so who gives a fuck anyway?. They said it so it must be true!!!!!