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Originally Posted by Garissimo View Post
I'll add and preface that this is subjective on my part, but I don't see the ACR vs. GTR adjustable suspension comparison as apples to apples.

The ACR is a stripped down, race car that you can drive on the street - if you're crazy enough. Dialing in the suspension and spoiler kinda fall in line with the mission of this car.
I don't know whether you can dismiss the ACR as not the same as the GTR simply because it's more single minded in it's approach to performance. There is many here that still view it one in the same simply because it can be driven on the road. I just happen to agree with you that it's not the same class as the GTR or even the ZR1.

If you can adjust the suspension and are of the opinion that as long as nothing is changed in the process then anything along this line is fair game. I know swamp doesn't agree with this approach but at least Nissan have been forthcoming about this even though I am sure that other factory times are done this same way.

Originally Posted by Garissimo View Post
The GTR has every electronic aid known to man. It is the PS3 experience brought to life - even uses a multi-function display designed by Sony. To have to manually dial in the suspension on a car with electronics this advanced seems pretty counter intuitive. Yeah it can be done, but should you really have to on a car like this?
This may well come in future versions as the technology becomes available, personally I don't think such an option should ever be offered because suspension geometry is something that requires experience to get right, and getting it wrong is by far the easier to do. Best leave it to the experts.

Oh, and yes the GTR is loaded with some amazing technology which has added a lot to it's weight which is counter productive but give it's weight and output there would be no other way for such a heavy car to lap the way it does. It's the totally opposite approach to performance that the British engineers and Porsche chose and I suppose it's a very Japanese way but does that mean it's wrong, surely in the end it's the results that should speak for themselves and in this the Japanese way has a lot of benefits.