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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
I thought this was the focus of the initial debate, and it seems like most folks, including Footie, hold this view, so I am somewhat confused about the focus of the current debate? If it is tires, doesn't the Sporauto M3 time reflect the use of PSCs, so has BMW cheated there as well since those tires don't come stock in the US, even as an option? Or is it the alteration/fine tuning of suspension geometry? (Footie, the driver configurable damper setting in the M3 does not alter suspension geometry).
I know the geometry isn't altered with an of the setting in the EDC, that was my point, the same thing will be true for the GTR, this has to be done at the dealer.

You do have a point about the PSCs on the M3, after asking the dealer it officially is only available as an option, though some examples have arrived on just the 19" upgrade. So one could argue that the different rims and tyres could be excused in the 7:26 time but in my opinion the suspension tweaks can not be excused. The suspension tweaks and rims + rubber could together account for up to 6 seconds but it could equally be less, without a proper comparison test between the two this can only be guess work.

There is no doubt at all in my mind that Nissan were totally upfront about their lap times and the cars involved, the problem was that Porsche used their own creditability to put enough doubt in peoples minds and it worked on a hell of a lot of them, but in my opinion the time Horst did has backfired on Porsche big time, they got their own 997turbo to lap as officially quoted but were a full 16 seconds slower than Horst, I smelt BS even before Sportauto's supertest it's just a shame it took so many to also realize this.

I said this a few posts ago but the GTR is another outstanding car in the same mold as the Bugatti Veyron. But I still wouldn't buy one.