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I wouldn't say so to be honest. I think I'm the last year & a half, I've pulled over two. One ran from me and fled the vehicle, so I towed it. The other I cited for driving without tail lights on and driving unlicensed.
What happened to the dude that fled the vehicle?

Also, do you ever ding people for tinted windows?
I was monitoring traffic at location where people run stop signs with reckless disregard. I observed a white '94-95 Acura Integra blow the stop sign, so I proceeded after him. He saw me in his rear view mirror and took off. I pursued him around a few corners and when I rounded the final corner, the Integra was stopped in the street, engine running, music blasting and the driver's door left opened. Since the vehicle was left abandoned, I towed it. I couldn't place the driver, so I inconvenienced the registered owner with storage fees for the actions of the driver. My gift!!!!

I rarely cite for tint unless I'm citing for other things that caused the primary contact.
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