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955 Cayenne V6

Hey guys,

I have a 2004 Cayenne V6 with 100,000kms, its either you hate it or you love it. Although it doesn't look all that nice, there is something about it that I love. I want to keep this truck forever and I don't mind wasting money on it since it doesn't have warranty on it anyways. The car currently has 247hp and 227torques.
0-62mph comes up in 7.5sec. When we took it to air strip we got a top speed of 225km/h or 137mph??

So now it comes to the bussiness talk. There are a lot of modification for the V8 version of the Cayenne, but there isn't all that much for the V6. I see that there is after market exhaust that can be done, ECU remapping, Intercoolers to be changed, dropping the ride height, new rims. However I'm looking to turboing the car and I'm aiming to get 400+hp out of the V6.

And again, I don't want to sell the car and buy a cayenne turbo. I want to keep the V6. Sorry for being a bit anal.

Thanks guys. I don't know if you want me to post pics, there really isn't anything to look at haha.