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Originally Posted by iguassu View Post
Wow do you live anywhere near Microsoft ?
No need for the attitude really, is there?
If the M3 main headlights only work in reverse then have you ever wondered if there is something wrong? They are meant to illuminate the glorious road ahead - reversing lights are for going backwards on most other cars.
The real point is that there are headlight units installed in the vehicle but they seem to just be decorative and even BMW and their dealer tech personnel didn't even know they do not work and it seems that BMW-UK didn't know either. Watch this space it will develop since it is now a question at BMW-AG.
So? Obviously you have no knowledge of how your xenon headlights work either. Your xenon lights have a much higher light output when compared to the two little H3 or H7 halogen bulbs in the milddle. The Bixenon design specifically allow the projection angle of the xenon beam to allow for a higher angle projection when you turn on the high beam. If you are not satisfied with the stock configuration, try to aim your headlight slightly higher (~3/4 - 1 turn up). Trying to turn on the halogen in the middle is not the solution. I have those lights on my E55 AMG as well. They work as high beam flashers, but still don't provide additional lighting when the Bixenon is switched to on.

It is also not news that your dealership does not know what's going on with the vehicles that they are servicing. So, save a breath.
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