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Originally Posted by jeff4598 View Post
Just got my dunlops 235/40-18 installed and I'm amazed at the massive performance improvement (at least up to 7/10's agression)-increased torque due to smaller rear wheel,much less understeer due to more narrow rear tires, lower center of gravity due to attatchment point of suspension being 0.47 " closer to ground and with wheels at 18.5 lbs I am getting much quicker response to initial turn in and better steering feel and less steering effort , oh and the ride is more forgiving and more controled. I dont drive full out and I realize that ultimate cornering would be limited but I never get there (what % of us realy due?). Bottom line I wanted snow tires and I got a car that feels like a 911. But of course I have less ground clearance(like for snow), an inacurate speedo and an odometer that will end my warrany 4%ahead of time,higher revs at speed and of course lower gas mileage.
I'm kinda happy over all but wish I had been informed of the impact the lower rolling radius would have when I ordered the setup from Tire Rack so I could have made an informed decision.
When I give the Dunlops a little agression they slip quite a bit more than the PS2s it's certainly easier to hang the tail out on the street.

I've only done 100 KM on them though so they are not broken in yet.
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