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Originally Posted by immiketoo View Post
Yeah, you're the kind of person that illustrates the point perfectly. Just remember who makes it possible for you to sit on your ass and watch the game without getting your TV stolen. Apathy sucks.
I was arrested for something I didn't do, instead of investigating which is what cops are SUPPOSE to do. They just threw me in jail and let the DA and lawyers sort it out. I ended up doing 6 months in the county because I can't afford bail while they figure out I was innocent (after I spend 60K on attorney fees because the Public Pretender said he can get me 10 years if I am lucky).

My grandpa was walking and got hit by a car, cops came out and said my grandpa is senile and has contradictions in his "story", and wrote in the police report that he fell and tried to blame it on the car. He is 90 years old and pointed at different places on his chest that hurts because he is trying to say that whole area hurts. That's his "inconsistent story".

With all due respect sir, fuck cops, and if you give me shit about that, fuck you too. OP's story blows balls even though I'm not big on football either. Who the fuck wants to go to a po po museum, when every1 is trying to avoid them on the road. I got a ticket for 66 on 65 FFFFUUUUUU.
All respect to soldiers, fuck their bosses.