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I just wanted to reply to report in that I followed cowmoo's link and info and just successfully installed the V1.

I have fairly large hands and was able to come in through the headliner. My knuckles hurt, but I'll live. The only other option is to pry the side closest to the windshield off from below. I would NOT try to pry it out from the side closest to the backseat - it is designed to go in first and come out second.

For the power, I tapped the green wire with the white striped in the harness/connector closest to the driver side - again, as noted above.

There were no screws or bolts above the map lights. In fact, you will see the cross-member and then the bottom of the carbon roof. So I drilled a pilot hole in the cross-member with a titanium bit and then used a screw to anchor the ground wire.

Thanks gents!