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Service done

Got my car back today...was a long wait but worth it. They had to replace the headlight (left lightbulb was giving fault notices - already?!) and I asked them to inspect an engine noise at mid-range RPM (3500-5000). Turns out all the other e90/e92s make the same sound, although my SA had to drive someone else's to confirm this.

Things that they did:

1.) Washed car (*Slaps forehead*, completely forgot to ask them to NOT do this. No real scratches visible, though, so maybe I got off lucky)
2.) Changed engine oil
3.) Changed differential fluid
4.) Repairs (engine noise + headlight issue)
5.) ECU remapping

Now my feedback about the experience:

I had a 335 during the time it took for service (2.5 days), and as soon as I swapped back to my car, my first thought was 'wow, this feels a tad slow!'. Well, then I got on the highway, and had my first full-throttle 5500+ RPM run...and all the waiting was suddenly worth it. What a BEAST!! I shifted as soon as I saw the shifter lights pop up, but for the first time I heard the engine actually SCREAM - needless to say, that sent shivers down my spine.

For all of you waiting for your car to be delivered/trying to slog it out through the 1200 mile break-in, let me tell you that it is 100% worth it. Because that first time you step on the gas and experience full throttle...well, it's aheavenly moment.