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Sorry to hear this. I am taking my car in Wednesday for its first break-in service. I believe they told it would just be an engine oil change but who knows? Their service has been great so far though - I will let you know how it goes. Is there a reason why not to change the dct transmission fluid btw?

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Here we go again...

So let me start at the begining.

My M3 contacted my prefered service department saying it needed service, the next day I got an email stating the fact. I told them I'd rather wait until I actually hit 1,200 miles before I bring it in (currently 700 miles). I also relayed my concern about them changing the DCT oil and I did not want it changed. I also referenced the service bulletin for good measure. I also stated I did not want my car washed or vacuumed. I never got a response back from them for about 4 days then I decided to contact my CA and express my concern. Well he asked someone else and that someone asked the SA which told her that the DCT oil infact did need to be changed (thank you god for this forum and it's wealth of knowledge or I'd be waiting a month for my transmission to be replaced). So I shot an email back (I want all of this in writing just in case) copying the entire service bulletin and told her and the service advisor they were wrong unless they can provide a more up to date bulletin. Depending on how this plays out I will be going to another dealership and calling BMW NA...I just wanted to see if there is anything else I can do. Please excuse the runons, etc...I'm pretty pissed. I don't understand how there is no checklist...and if there is why the f***ing techs don't read them.

Thanks guys, and I'll update as it all plays out.