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Originally Posted by yakev724 View Post
As Maddow pointed out last night, many of those protesting believe that the lack of censorship of the anti-Islam movie on our government's end equates to our (U.S.') support of its message. The majority of Americans couldn't care less, let alone understand what's going on, but that's not easy to explain to someone whose idea of Americans' views may be shaped by something other than accurate reporting. In addition (and I don't speak from any personal or related experience), I think the concept of free speech and it's occasional side-effects may be completely foreign to someone raised in a Muslim nation, taught to respect Muhammad/Allah above all else, with zero tolerance for their criticism.

I believe it's critical that we find some way to not appear disrespectful. I believe it's the government's role to act accordingly and consistently.
FCUK NO! Respect is earned, and if they can get what they want by throwing a temper tantrum, it validates their behavior and sends EXACTLY the wrong message. We simply don't have to follow the rules of their religion, and free speech is critical to our way of lives. Other peoples opinions of their religions makes no difference in their lives other than possibly making them question their brozne-age primitive fairy tales.

Irony: Protesting freedom of speech, and starting murderous riots over a video that accuses Islam of being violent Do these protesters have the faintest clue how allah-damn stupid they are?

For the record, I think Obama is handling this superbly.

Here's a depiction of Mohammad...

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