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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
that is mad skills, but I gotta say, it's no better than what the pros can do, the problem is, even with those mad ball skills why isn't he pro yet, and even if he is "pro" where's the big contract?

It reminds me of the old Nike freestyle basketball ads from back in 2000, half of those guys weren't simply street ballers...

These sort of skills have nothing to do with what good a soccer (football) player you are on the field, IMHO. Don't get me wrong. Of course, they help in ball control, body fakes, etc. but mastering skills like these is far from making you a "Pro with a big contract" for the same reason that not every basketball player who has mad dunking skills can become another Michael Jordan.

It takes more than personal skills to be a legend on the field. The greatness lies mostly with what's in between the two ears, IMO.

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