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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
^-- make sure to strap the fuse up so it doesn't hang to close to the headers and melt from the heat.
Will do!

I guess I was the problem child of the first group because I ran into several roadblocks but I finally corrected all of them after hours of troubleshooting. It works now and they look great!!!

Here are some of the issues that I faced and for you to watch out:

1) The voltage for both posts (above picture) is 14 volts (checked with a meter). I left it bolted to the post on the right as shown in the picture.

2) Be sure the red and black wire are screwed in tightly in this unit. I realized the wires were loose and they came out after everything was connected. I was unable to see it because it was concealed with the closed lighting lid.
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3) As mentioned previously (Step 8), it's very difficult to insert the bulbs (I have GP thunders 7500k) back into the housing unit with the harness. I found that it never screwed in tightly with the harness. The bulb and the housing have to be aligned properly (like a puzzle) for it to fit/screwed perfectly. On mine, the slots (to puzzle them together) were located at the 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00 clock position.

So I inserted the bulbs WITHOUT the harness and it screwed in tightly without any light being released through any gaps. Afterwards, I connected the Elite Kit harness into the bulb. HOWEVER, BE CAREFUL TO NOT LET GO OF THE BULB DURING THIS PROCESS AND OF COURSE, NOT TO TOUCH THE BULB WITH YOUR FINGERS!!

4) Make sure both prongs of the resistor are inserted correctly and tightly into the OEM harness (Step 9). Make sure they don't bend inward.
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Anyway, the lights look great and NO ERRORS!!!

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