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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
Dinan Stage III suspension--alignment done to Dinan specs. Not sure of degree of toe, but front camber -1.8, rear camber -1.7
Sounds like you had your suspension realigned because those are not the stock specs. Toe settings will affect straight line stability, so you need to know those. Did they give you a printout from the machine after the alignment? If the issue is severe, I would take it back in and have them verify the rear toe specs. What are the Dinan specs?

Stoptech does a good job in getting the bias right, so I wouldn't worry about that.

On a side note, yes, you don't need to brake that hard downhill at LRP, but you should do what you feel comfortable with for the time being. On a stock suspension in your car, a lift and a slight tap on the brakes to settle the car before turn in should suffice there, but I don't mean to say you should go out and try that the first lap the next time you are out there or anything. That's an apex you don't want to overshoot because if you go off line at that fast sweeper, you'll find lots to debris and rubber at high speed, which is never fun.

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