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I have not had any significant issues with straight line braking stability with the E92 M3. What is your front and rear toe set to? That question does not address dynamic toe changes under compression; I don't know what that curve looks like for the car, but I doubt that the dynamic changes are an issue in general as we have not heard of any negative reports about it here. However, a bumpy braking zone can bring such things into play. Where exactly on LRP was it happening? Also, are you sure your wheel was straight (I know that sounds obvious, but sometimes people don't notice that they actually have a little bit of steering input). Finally, are you running the same pad on all 4 corners?

On a somewhat similar yet tangential note, I have been having serious instability issues with my E30 M3's straight line braking, and we have not been able to pin it down despite checking and realigning the suspension, and checking the operation of the caliper pistons. Maybe the bias proportioning valve or ABS is failing, but that is 25 year old car, so those shouldn't be issues in a new car. The car rips through the field in DEs for the most part otherwise, but I have to brake early to avoid having the car drive itself off the road in the braking zone. Really annoying...