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Wow, this turned into a 1 man rant thread really quick... I don't want to pick on Ultimate but do want to give my own opinion.

For background, I've played Warhammer Online, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, DC Universe... and I know I'm forgetting some others.
The one game that pulled me in the most and kept me coming back was Warcraft.
I would say that Rift has the same potential. The beginning story was meh, I will agree. I don't care though. It's a 2 minute cutscene that I wanted to skip by so I could start playing.

The first few levels weren't too exciting but get you accustomed to the game. If you've played other MMO's it's pretty easy. A lot of the commands and menus are almost copied from WoW.
The only interface thing that bugs me is I can't figure out how to have more that one cast bar visible at a time. You have to scroll up or down panes and can only see a limited amount of spells at a time.

Questing is pretty standard. Easy to find questgivers and locations to do the quests. Standard kill/gather quests with some fun variations thrown in.

The Rifts are fun but confusing to figure out. You get thrown into random raid groups and hack away. Would be nice to figure out a way to get more organized but that depends on the other people playing.

The soul idea is pretty cool. It allows a ton of customization. It's fun to mix and match styles and make a hybrid character. Warrior 'caster' is what I'm doing now and it's a lot of fun to play.

I know, not a very good review. I can't explain exactly why I spent several hours playing it yesterday other than it was fun and I couldn't wait to explore the next area.

I would say if you have $50 to burn give it a couple hours and see if you like it.

I too am waiting for Star Wars Old Republic and Elder Scrolls V... this might not last me that long but I think I'll get a good month or two out of it.