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Originally Posted by HFW003 View Post
Almost plonked down on a HP4 Competition but bought this instead, gorgeous!
Beautiful Bike. I made the same choice you did about 3 weeks ago. Picked up this panigale 1199s when I was shopping for a replacement for my stolen S1000rr.

IMHO, the Panigale is the sexiest things running on two wheels right now... but she started out a bit more "tempermental" thank I expected. Over the few weeks I've been riding it, I have gotten used to the somewhat unpredictable throttle, but she still catches me by surprise on a rare occassion.

Even though I completely love the look of the Panigale, the BMW just... seemed to perform better. During the daily commute, anyway. The power delivery of the S1000rr was just so smooth and controlled. During the daily commute in moderate/heavy traffic, you can hold the throttle in one position, and the BMW does EXACLTY what you want it to do.

I can tell the Ducati just want to do what it's designed to do, go FAST. I notice that when I tried to use my familiar commuting riding style coming from my old bike by holding the thottle in place, the Ducati gets a little jumpy and won't stay steady in lower RPMs. The new bike only seems to be happy and stable in RPMs above 6K. I have no doubt that is awesome on the track, but on the LIE or SS PKWY at 0700 in the morning, that kind of torque can take much practice and precision to manage.

The BMW was smooth at ANY RPM. So whether your stuck in traffic, or going for a weekend morning "run", the BMW handles both conditions very well.

Like you, I had my eye on the HP4 as a replacement, but the price tag was a bit too heafty for me. I was leaning towards a 2014 S1000rr, but I didn't like the color schemes for this year, and couldn't wait to see how the 2015s would be dressed. Came accross this below, slightly used Panigale for a too good to be true price... and now I have one of the most beautifully designed motorcyles in the world.

I'm still taming her, but she WILL eventually be mastered! lol
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