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Originally Posted by bobbo View Post
Comparing modded car with stock car is irrelevent. Want to compare a boosted v8 m3 with a boost 335i? Let me see where this is going. Vishnu is only 1400, ever consider the cost of a boosted v8 to a m3 owner's bank account is exactly the same as $1400 to a 335i owner's account? Not in the same league, the two cars and the owners' bank account.

335i is for people who can't afford m3. Just like 135i owner can't afford a 335i. Last time I checked the regular 3 series forum is all about baller status. When does a baller need to worry about practicality?

(Disclaimer: Opinion above does not reflect my personal view, I am applying the igornant 335i owner's mentality. Special note, not all 335i owner are igornant.)

It's funny rest of the bmw family gets along just fine except for the few 335i owner bad mouthing everyone else. Look in the mirror lately?

Dude.. you think because people have money they have to spend all of it..? I'm in the market for approx $70k car. A summer car that will bring back the frill of the older M3 days I remember so well. It doesn't have to be a BMW... ie Porsche. But, it needs to make me feel like a pilot again.

Guess what ? This spring I am going to test drive a new M3 and If I don't like it (crossed out some 12 cars now), I am going to buy a 135i fully loaded, minus nav/idrive and have a truer sense of the raod and some incredible performance. Purchasing some lightweight rims, fatter tyres, ECU tune, exhaust, lsd, suspension and the 135i will be a serious contender on the track than an M3, for about $30k less.

I'm sure I am not the onlyone thinking or doing this. It's a perfect kit car... ie Clubsport!

If you think everyone driving a 335 wishes they were driving an M3 then your perception of how much income people spend on cars is waaay off. I don't like the interior of any e90... thus I've been waiting.

Now it's becomming clearer!