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Originally Posted by E394KEN View Post
I have both 335 & M3. Both cars are exceptional period. I could care less which is faster. When I procede the car Ill debate and laugh at myself for spending so foolishly on the M3. Then when I get my new E92 M3 Ill call myself a badge whore and say what a complete idiot I am for spending 20-25 k more on a car that is completly classless in every way compared to the modded 335. Hmm I have a 4 door JK Jeep. There is no BMW that can go where I can or outperform it in the wild. How much insecurity exists on this board.
Well, the 335 is faster than the E46 M3

I've owned both,

I will take the E92 M3 over the 335 anyday.

And my 335 is sick as hell =)
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