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Originally Posted by M3 vert View Post
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He is right! Heres another post of mine in a similar thread where this was discussed extensively.

Also, remember you can always get the extended maintenance plan in Canada which is an additional $2000 for M3s that covers you up to 5yrs/96,000KM, and will cover all WEAR and TEAR items!!!
(BRAKES, CLUTCH, BELTS, wiper blades etc.)

This wont be applicable on US imported cars

You have to understand that the savings of 10-20K or whatever it is, can only be realised on a vehicle after you are able to recover those costs once resale occurs.
Otherwise your initial savings are translated into poor resale, and for all that hassle and points mentioned in my post isnt worth it

Good Luck!
Thx Vert - I guess the intangible piece here is the effect to resale value then. Your list of importation "To Dos" from the other thread match what I have been able to determine as well.

Rough math:

$2700 - conversion costs
$4000 - $4300 Duty on Cdn $$ value
$3000 - no longer "free maintenance"

$10,000 total import costs
$75,000 - US car at converted CDN $ List (assuming dollar at .99 or par)
-$ 7,500 - standard US discount (based on other US members buys)

$67,500 - purchase price


$10,000 - Importation costs (including paying for maintenance)
$ 1,000 - shipping/transport

So call it $78,500 - $80,000 CDN to me - then add in the uncertainty of resale

Not much of a savings - more of a way to get a car more quickly, but it may not be worth the added hassle I agree, it's just the impatience thing again....

Thanks again for the feedback guys - this is why I joined the forum to do my research for my M

Appreciate it.

The search continues.....