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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
i think its fixable. cant see anything. may be a suspension component as well. notice it most over 100. i think it was at 6 dropped the right rear in an oversteer. not sure of my speed at that point wasnt a hard hit at all but felt funny after that. first step is to try it out on a balancer and go from there. the event was a high speed lapping day. not any specific club event.
I've had my VMR CLS-style wheels for about 3 months now (winter set up), and I notice when I get over 80mph the wheel starts to shake a little bit...thinking it's the wheel not being balanced (maybe I lost a weight) correctly. I was going to try the same thing...get them rebalanced. I was hoping to make these 18" VMRs as my dedicated "track set" as well (swap the winter tires w/track tires). But, if I can't get rid of this wabble above 80mph, I might have to go a different direction.

Hope your fix is simple too.