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You will love the F10 M5. I have a E39 M5 and alllmost parted with that to the F10 but my wife can't let the S62 go and I don`t blame her. We have done multi thousand KM trips in the M5 and it is stellar. I have a hard time saying that other word, mer.... When you have more items to part with, exhaust ect. shoot me a PM.

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Yeah I know :/ . My daily drive of 100 miles 30 days a month is going to only increase as I acquire more sites. I want something fast and fun but very comfortable. My M3 on meaty 18s, stock competition suspension and quiet exhaust is about as comfy as its going to get. My driving is 95% highway so handling around the twisted isn't a priority for me. I thought about keeping the car and getting like a 7 series or S class but I'd fall asleep. Also thought about keeping it as a weekend car but if I have an M5 or E63 I would want my weekend car to be like an all out sports car. It's going to be tough parting with it, nothing will be as well balanced and drive like it. Supercharged 8k redline with linear power is just amazing. Turbos can help you go fast but they aren't nearly as fun from my experience. So now I have to decide between DCT (M5) or rear biased AWD (E63). Either car I will plan to have around 700whp right after break in

Sorry OP but I can't sell the blower yet at any price. Unless you want to pay $20k and I'll autograph it lol! I can't drive this car NA while having it. I'm going to remove the blower literally a day or two before selling the car.