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Originally Posted by passing View Post
its so hard to tell by those videos what the root cause of the noise is.

overhype indeed. my motor makes such a racket that i dont even think or worry about it.

if any of us out of warranty people have a bearing issue, i for one am not waiting around for BMW to step up and fix what's wrong. i didn't buy this car just to listen for a bearing failure.
Well said.
On the same topic, you only live once. Why the hell would you chew your nails and worry about that 1-2% of blown motor that are possibly related to bearings. If it blows under warranty, BMW will replace it. If it blows after, then you're in for a couple of grand. Again, its not like 50% of the motors have blown up. And to add to this, no one really knows what conditions the motors were when they blew up. Like someone mentioned above, we don't know when the oil changes were done, how the person took care of the car.

Rember, most wear and tear happen during start up when the oil is cold. Whos to say that the blown engine haven't been overreved during operation with cold oil temp. There are simply too many unknown variables for anyone to make a statement that the S65 has a general problem.