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Originally Posted by VP M3 View Post
Guys I am looking into getting back into lapping days and track time. I have plenty of past experience but have been off-track (and with a new car) for several years.

Looking for setup suggestions re: track wheels/ tires for my E92 and possible brake upgrades, etc. (wondering about fade on stock pads / lines). Ran my previous E90 on stock rubber at Calabogie 2 years back and beat up the tires pretty bad without any brake fade issues, but it was my first time there and with a new car I was very cautious

Thanks guys

BTW, really appreciate the knowledge base present within this local M3 crew!
I ran 3 years on my stock brakes on my other with no great dramas.Invest in the proper track pads like Pagid RS29's or PFC 01's,hi temp fluid and you will be good to go.
For track wheels & tires I recommend a square setup with 18x10's with a 275/35 18.Apex makes a great wheel at 25P which is a great fit for the car and will work with a BBK if you go that way down the road.
I run a Nitto NT05's which are great in the dry but not very good in the wet so I use my street tires as my wet set up.The NT05's are very durable and I usually get 12-16 days out of a set.There are there other choices but these work well for me in a very cost effective manner.

These have 10 days on them.