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Originally Posted by Wes. View Post
Glad you like it! It's a beautiful system. Unfortunately, I haven't really been playing since I've been busy with other things, but that'll change once Zelda is released.

I'm hoping that they come out with Animal Crossing for 3DS.

And Final Fantasy.
FF should be tight. but the thing is... I really haven't paid for DS games in years ever since I got a R4i... I need to get one for the 3DS haha

Originally Posted by Wes. View Post
Hey Sean, we seem to have similar tastes.

Are you a fan of the director Wong Kar Wai?
I don't know directors ((((

Originally Posted by Nick@DetailAddict View Post
ok. you have my number right? hit me up tomorrow if you bring your car. I'll try to pick up some steel wool before i head out and I can use some polish at the detail addict booth and get those stubborn water spots off once and for all. But just in case do you think you have time today to pick up #0000 steel wool from home depot or something? Let me know. Im off work in about 5 min and need to go pack and catch my flight. But yeah text me and we can communicate better that way.
Ok I'll see you tomorrow
I'm on a tight schedule but I'll stop by a home depot... but what the hell is a #0000 steel wool.....?
something like this?