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2007 328i in Germany
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Aries..."me first" attitude....YOUR DAMN RIGHT! Especially driving here in Germany. The Germans like playing this little game with everyone on the road.

Well, almost wrecked the 328i twice now.....but been on a straight winning streak of 78 wins/ 0 losses "gunning it" for lane merges, cutting off Fritz when he/she acts like a prick and taking tight turns at 65 mph when I hear Fritz "chirping" all over the intersection behind me.

After selling my Dodge Dakota truck and getting the 328i...'s nice to not only "be in the mix"....but OWN the mix!
2007 BMW E90 328i/6spd. Manual Transmission/Jet Black/Black Leatherette/Burl Walnut Trim/PDC/OEM Front Strut Brace